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Title: Assessment and Classification of Damages in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Author(s): Hung W. Chung

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 16

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 55-59

Keywords: chlorides; concrete durability; corrosion; cracking (fracturing); damage; deflection; foundations; nondestructive tests; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steel; spalling; Construction


Date: 3/1/1994

Despite the high durability of concrete, there are occasions when a reinforced concrete structure requires remedial treatment. Damage may arise from a variety of causes: accidental overloading, foundation settlement, or fire attack. An even more common cause of damage is corrosion of reinforcing steel, which leads to cracking and spalling of the concrete cover. A successful concrete repair operation is carried out by first investigating the damage. Whatever the cause, it is essential to determine if the major portion of the structure is of suitable quality to build a sound repair on. Knowledge of the intensity and extent of damage is required for applying an appropriate repair scheme.