Research and Development of Grid Shaped FRP Reinforcement


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Title: Research and Development of Grid Shaped FRP Reinforcement

Author(s): Tadashi Fujisaki, Teruyuki Nakatsuji, and Minoru Sugita

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 138


Appears on pages(s): 177-192

Keywords: composite materials; deterioration; fiber reinforced plastics; fire resistance; flexural strength; reinforcing materials; specific heat; Construction

Date: 9/1/1993

Grid-shaped FRP reinforcement has been developed to prevent deterioration of concrete structures owing to corrosion of reinforcement. This reinforcement is made of high-strength continuous fibers impregnated with resin and formed into a grid shape to insure bond with concrete. When this development was carried out, joint research and development with some universities as well as a Japanese technological development project was conducted to clarify fundamental properties of this reinforcement and structural behavior of reinforced concrete members. Applications of this reinforcement to actual structures began with such civil engineering structures as tunnels, LPG tanks, etc. In Japan, applications of advanced composite materials to building structures require governmental approval. Therefore, to apply this reinforcement to precast concrete curtain walls, heat-resistance and fire-resistance tests were conducted to obtain the approval of the Minister of Construction. This is the first time that FRP reinforcement was used in Japanese building structures. Application of this reinforcement to box-framed reinforced concrete structures will be considered next.