Study on the Flow of Highly Superplasticized Concrete


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Title: Study on the Flow of Highly Superplasticized Concrete

Author(s): S. Nishibayashi, S. Inoue, A. Yoshino, T. Kuroda, and T. Kume

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 148


Appears on pages(s): 177-188

Keywords: aggregates; blast furnace slag; flowability; limestone; reinforced concrete; rheological properties; segregation; silica fume; superplasticizers; tests; water-reducing agents; workability; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1994

Aim of this study is to estimate the workability of highly superplasticized concrete, which can satisfactorily fill up all the corners of the forms in reinforced concrete without using a mechanical compactor. To place concrete into reinforced concrete members, it must have segregation resistance and high fluidity. These properties are obtained by using very fine powders with an AE-type high-range water-reducing admixture. The highly superplasticized concrete was prepared by mixing blast furnace slag and limestone powder or silica fume with ordinary portland cement. The fluidity was measured by the box flow test (with and without the reinforcement) and by rheological tests of wet-screening mortar. The effects of mix proportioning and spacing of reinforcements on the fluidity of highly superplasticized concrete have been determined.