Concrete Technology, the Key to Current Concrete Platform Concepts


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Title: Concrete Technology, the Key to Current Concrete Platform Concepts

Author(s): A. K. Haug

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 149


Appears on pages(s): 63-80

Keywords: compressive strength; concrete platforms; density (mass/volume); durability; high-strength concretes; lightweight aggregate concretes; mix proportioning; modulus of elasticity; workability; Materials Research

Date: 10/1/1994

The latest developments in concrete platform concepts for deep water and floating structures have indicated the need for further development in the field of practical concrete technology. Paper presents some of the most significant factors in this challenge such as increased compressive strength, improved workability, and stability of fresh concrete, use of high-strength lightweight aggregate concrete, measures to improve the concrete E-modulus, and utilization of variable concrete density to optimize the platform design. This has been achieved through further development of the constituent materials, refinements of the mix design, and advancements in production methods, as well as the use of high-quality lightweight aggregates.