Development and Utilization of High Performance Concrete employed in the Akashi Kaikyo bridge


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Title: Development and Utilization of High Performance Concrete employed in the Akashi Kaikyo bridge

Author(s): K. Tanaka, K. Sato, S. Watanabe, I. Arima, and K. Suenaga

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 140


Appears on pages(s): 25-52

Keywords: bridges (structures); coarse aggregates; compacting; moisture; cracking (fracturing); durability; flowability; high performance concretes; mass concrete; mixing time; segregation; strength; temperature; workability; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1993

We developed an enhanced flowable concrete using both a binary low-heat cement and coarse aggregate of 40 mm maximum size, usable in large-scale mass concrete structures (this concrete is provided with a high flowability and an excellent resistance to segregation, and is able to be placed densely without compaction). We verified that its fundamental performance surpasses that of existing types of concrete. Further, we also verified that it possesses superior workability when compared with conventional concrete. Next, we established production, quality control, and construction methods for super-workable concrete through experiments at a large scale construction site, and utilized it in a large-scale structure. We were able to verify the following results: superior workability of the concrete because it can be spread and compacted easily; effective control over thermal cracking because concrete temperature rose very little. Furthermore, the hardened concrete is confirmed, from the core samples, to be very compact and has excellent strength. 161-493