Fracture Toughness of Concrete at Early Ages


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Title: Fracture Toughness of Concrete at Early Ages

Author(s): Tianxi Tang, Dan G. Zollinger, and Rae H. Yoo

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 90

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 463-471

Keywords: aggregates; cracking (fracturing); crack width and spacing; compressive strength; concretes; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1993

This paper reports the experimental results involving the application of the size effect law to early-age concrete for determining the material fracture parameters K lf and c f. These parameters were determined for concrete with several different coarse aggregates at 1-day age, showing that this test method is applicable both in the laboratory and at the construction work site. Tests for concrete at different ages, from half a day to 28 days, showed that early-age concrete is more brittle than mature concrete. Increases in K lf and c f with concrete age are observed. The K lf and c f values at early ages may be used as a criterion to evaluate concrete quality.