Properties of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rods for Prestressing Tendons


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Title: Properties of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rods for Prestressing Tendons

Author(s): Taketo Uomoto and Hosam Hosam Hodsam

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 138


Appears on pages(s): 101-116

Keywords: fiber reinforced plastics; prestressing steels; shear strength; strength analysis; stress analysis; stress-strain relationships; tensile strength; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1993

The mechanical behavior and tensile strength of three kinds of FRP rods were investigated experimentally. For each material, three different fiber volume fractions were tested in axial tension. The stress-strain relationships and strength distributions were obtained. The results were correlated to the behavior and strength of the basic strengthening elements, fibers, as determined experimentally. This yielded the possibility of predicting rod modulus, but not strength, from those fibers. The strength distributions showed a shift that is not generally proportional to rod fiber content. Investigation of this phenomenon, through stress analysis at the grips and inspection of failed rods, assured the change of rod failure modes for different fiber contents. The effect of grips could lead to one of two shear failure modes instead of tension mode. Therefore, an apparent strength reduction was observed. In view of rod properties, appropriate design of the gripping system is needed to obtain the best performance of the rods.