Computer Analysis and Plotting of Concrete Data


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Title: Computer Analysis and Plotting of Concrete Data

Author(s): Bruce Suprenant and Kent Barnes

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 101


Appears on pages(s): 125-136

Keywords: compressive strength; computer programs; concretes; control charts; evaluation; quality control; specifications; statistical analysis.

Date: 9/1/1987

This paper is intended to show the application of ACI 214-77 and the use of computer-generated data in evaluating concrete data. A computer program written in FORTRAN 77 and utilizing a CALCOMP plotter is used to analyze concrete strength results in accordance with ACI 214-77. To facilitate interpretation of the results, the following information is plotted: average of individual tests, five-test moving average, average strength, and required strength; test range, ten-test moving average range, and average range; and a five- and ten-test moving coefficient of variation and the overall coefficient of variation. Besides providing the information required by ACI 214-77, other concrete data is provided. For instance, histograms of the strength test results are plotted. Slump and entrained air content are plotted if this information is available. The slump and air data may prove to be beneficial when interpreting individual strength tests. A case study is examined to determine the usefulness of the FORTRAN program and the benefits provided by computer plotting of concrete data.