Permeability Testing System for Grout, Concrete, and Rock


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Title: Permeability Testing System for Grout, Concrete, and Rock

Author(s): B. R. Sullivan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 108


Appears on pages(s): 159-174

Keywords: computers; concretes; grout; measuring instruments; permeability; rocks; test equipment; tests; General

Date: 8/1/1988

A testing system which can accommodate up to seven samples simultaneously with computer-controlled data acquisition, analysis, and reporting is described. The system consists of seven core holders of the Hassler type which can handle cylindrical samples ranging from 1-1/2 to 4 in. in diameter and from 4 to 11 in. in length. Confining and driving pressures can be independently varied up to 4000 psi. The test medium can be either liquid or gas including brine, since all tubing and containers are stainless steel. Flow is determined by pressure increase in a collector tank for gas and change in liquid level in a pipette column for liquid. Four pressure transducers per core holder are used to monitor all pressure levels during a test. A computer-based data acquisition system is used to scan up to seven tests simultaneously and record all data on a disc. Upon termination of a test, flow and permeability are computed and plotted against time and a report is printed for the test. The data are saved permanently on the disk and a backup copy is transferred to a floppy disk for safe storage. Sample preparation, sealing, and testing procedures are explained. Data analysis and typical results are presented on salt cores and concrete samples.