Durability Comparisons of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Chemical Plant Applications


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Title: Durability Comparisons of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Chemical Plant Applications

Author(s): C. N. MacDonald

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 126


Appears on pages(s): 773-782

Keywords: durability; fiber reinforced concretes; performance comparisons; polypropylene fibers; reinforced concretes; Manufacturing

Date: 8/1/1991

Polypropylene and steel fiber reinforced concretes have been used by the author in chemical plant environments since 1980. The applications have been primarily for slabs on grade but have also included grade beams, slab overlays, equipment foundations, pedestals, pump pads, containment barriers, and pile caps. This paper compares durability performance of nonfiber reinforced concrete and fiber reinforced concrete in chemical plant locations in Michigan and Kentucky. The primary durability indicator is crack-free, long-wearing concrete. The results of these durability performances are applicable to the concrete industry in general, and specifically to the placement of concrete in chemical plants. The results indicate that the best durability performance was from concrete reinforced with steel fiber, then polypropylene fiber, and finally nonfiber reinforced concrete. The reasons underlying this performance are explored from the perspective of what is needed for scheduling, cost, and performance of concrete in the various projects, and environments to which the concrete is subjected. This investigation was conducted first by the proper design of the concrete mix proportions, and then by follow-up with field surveys, interviews, and calculations.