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Title: Seismic Performance of Code-Designed Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures

Author(s): Howard H. M. Hwang and Hui-Mi Hsu

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 133


Appears on pages(s): 321-342

Keywords: acceptability; building codes; earthquake-resistant structures; earthquakes; fragility analysis; frames; limit state design; probability theory; reinforced concrete; structural analysis; structural design; Design

DOI: 10.14359/3062

Date: 9/1/1992

This paper presents the evaluation of seismic performance of a special moment-resisting (SMR) frame building and an intermediate moment-resisting (IMR) frame building designed in accordance with the NEHRP provisions and ACI Code 318-83. The annual limit-state probabilities for both SMR and IMR frames are determined by integrating the seismic hazard curve and structural fragility curve. From the comparison between the calculated annual limit-state probability and the specified acceptable risk levels, the seismic performance of a structure can be evaluated. In the NEHRP provision, if reinforced concrete frames are used to resist earthquake forces, the SMR frame is required for buildings belonging to higher seismic performance categories such as Categories D and E. Even though the SMR frame has a higher ductility than the IMR frame, the SMR frame is only designed for 50 percent of the strength required for the IMR frame. As demonstrated in this study, the IMR frame may perform better than the SMR frame in the event of an earthquake. Thus, the concept employed in the NEHRP provisions to protect high-risk and essential buildings needs careful reexamination.