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Title: Detailing Reinforced Concrete Structures for Post-Elastic Seismic Resistance

Author(s): James Robert Harris and Gene R. Stevens

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 127


Appears on pages(s): 539-554

Keywords: detailing; earthquake-resistant structures; elastic properties; frame systems; reinforced concrete; shearwalls; structural design; web reinforcement; Structural Research

DOI: 10.14359/3029

Date: 10/1/1991

Current building standards contain complex sets of rules for detailing reinforced concrete structures to resist earthquakes. The rules are intended to deliver reliable post-elastic energy dissipation. This is necessary because structures are designed to yield at levels of motion that are only a fraction of the real motions in a strong earthquake. The detailing rules are intended to prevent brittle modes of failure, such as shear and unconfined compression of concrete, while encouraging widespread flexural yielding. The rules also take into account two other distinctive characteristics of earthquake loading reversal of direction and repetitive cycles. This paper attempts to set forth the rationale for these detailing rules that will allow the designer to see the overall design philosophy and to relate a particular design to the intended performance.


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