Tests on Slabs in the Vicinity of Edge Columns


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Title: Tests on Slabs in the Vicinity of Edge Columns

Author(s): B. Vijaya Rangan

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 87

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 623-629

Keywords: building codes; columns (supports); connections; failure; flat concrete plates; flat concrete slabs; floors; moments; punching shear; reinforced concrete; shear strength; spandrel beams; tests; Structural Research

Date: 11/1/1990

Tests on four specimens of a flat-plate floor in the vicinity of an edge column are reported. One specimen included a spandrel beam with closed ties. Of the other three specimens, one contained closed ties in the spandrel strip and two did not. The purpose of these tests was to study the influence of a spandrel beam and closed ties on the failure strength of the slab in the vicinity of an edge column. The effect of concentration of slab steel in the region near the column is also examined. The three specimens with no spandrel beam failed due to the combined effect of moment and shear transferred by the slab to the column. The presence of the spandrel beam effectively prevented a punching shear failure of the other specimens. The test results are compared with the provision of the ACI and the Australian codes.