Cracking Analysis of Solid Concrete Masonry Subjected to Concentrated Loads


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Title: Cracking Analysis of Solid Concrete Masonry Subjected to Concentrated Loads

Author(s): S. Ali and A. W. Page

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 86

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 367-375

Keywords: cracking (fracturing); finite element method; loads (forces); masonry; models; walls; Structural Research

Date: 7/1/1989

The analysis of walls subjected to concentrated loads is a problem commonly encountered in the design of masonry structures. All previous analytical studies have assumed linear elastic behavior with no provision for failure. Failure in walls subjected to concentrated loads usually occurs as a vertical crack or cracks that propagate down the panel in the region beneath the load. This study simulates this local cracking using two different crack modeling techniques. One technique smears the effects of the crack over the width of the element (smeared crack modeling), and the other progressively disconnects the appropriate nodes of adjacent elements (discrete crack modeling). These crack modeling techniques have been incorporated into a plane stress finite element program. In these models, joints and bricks are considered separately with provision for nonlinear deformation characteristics of the materials, brick and mortar failure, and joint bond failure. The effectiveness of the models is demonstrated by comparison of the predicted and observed performance of concrete masonry wallettes subjected to concentrated loads.