Reinforced Concrete Wide-Beam-to-Column Subassemblages Subjected to Lateral Load


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Title: Reinforced Concrete Wide-Beam-to-Column Subassemblages Subjected to Lateral Load

Author(s): Hitoshi Hatamoto, Satoshi Bessho, and Yasuhiro Matsuzaki

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 123


Appears on pages(s): 291-316

Keywords: beams (supports); columns (supports); frames; joints (junctions); lateral pressure; loads (forces); reinforced concrete; structural design; tests; Structural Research

Date: 1/1/1991

Two series of experiments have been conducted to study the performance of wide beam-to-column subassemblages under lateral loadings. Results indicate that in moment-resisting frames: 1) the maximum effective beam width should be twice the column width, if all beam reinforcing bars are expected to yield within 2 percent of story deformation, and 2) the maximum amount of beam reinforcement not placed in the joint core should be limited in terms of resulting torsional stress in the outside beam portions. The torsional strength c åt = 24çb (by Kanoh and Yoshizaki) is a good design criteria for wide beam-column joints.