Computer Program for Nonlinear Analysis and Design of Load-Bearing Tilt-Up Walls


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Title: Computer Program for Nonlinear Analysis and Design of Load-Bearing Tilt-Up Walls

Author(s): J. D. Glikin and R. G. Oesterle

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 98


Appears on pages(s): 117-138

Keywords: computer programs; concrete panels; structural analysis; structural design; tilt-up construction; walls; Structural Research

Date: 3/3/1987

Because of the presence of lateral loads and high-end eccentricities, the ACI 318-83 empirical design method cannot be used for design of tilt-up walls. Analysis must be performed during design to account for the P-{delta} effects. To confirm various design concepts and to evaluate the slenderness limitations, a series of tests on concrete wall panels was conducted. Several simplified design procedures were used to compare analytical results to test observations of slender load-bearing walls. Results of computer program TILT for IBM-PC (or compatible) computers were compared with the results of simplified design procedure calculations and test observations. Investigations show that the actual strength of load-bearing tilt-up walls are considerably higher than predicted by simplified analysis. The paper briefly discusses the theory of geometrical and material nonlinearities and presents methods for solutions that are incorporated in the program TILT. Conclusions and effectiveness of the TILT computer program for analyses of tilt-up load-bearing walls are shown.