Normal Weight and Total-Lightweight High-Strength Concretes: A Comparative Study


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Title: Normal Weight and Total-Lightweight High-Strength Concretes: A Comparative Study

Author(s): M. Berra and G. Ferrerra

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 121


Appears on pages(s): 701-734

Keywords: compressive strength; crushed stone; density (mass/volume); ductility; high-strength concretes; lightweight aggregate concretes; fly ash; lightweight aggregates; modulus of elasticity; permeability; plasticizers; silica fume; tensile strength; thermal pro

Date: 11/1/1990

Reports on high-strength lightweight and normal weight concretes. Sintered fly ash lightweight aggregates, crushed limestones, and two types of cement with different contents were investigated. All the concretes contained silica fume and a high-range water-reducing admixture. To obtain high specific strengths (i.e., ratio of strength to relative density), lightweight concretes were prepared with only lightweight particles (coarse and fine), reaching strengths higher than 60 MPa with density of about 1700 kg/m3. The results of physical (permeability, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and thermal expansion coefficient) and mechanical (compression, direct tension, direct shear, modulus of elasticity, bond strength, fracture energy, and compression softening behavior) tests, carried out on specimens cured for different ages at two curing conditions (20 C and 95 and 50 percent relative humidity, respectively), are reported and discussed.