Development of Admixtures for Highly Durable Concrete


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Title: Development of Admixtures for Highly Durable Concrete

Author(s): Y. Ohama, K. Demura, Y. Satoh, K. Tachibana, and Y. Miyazaki

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 119


Appears on pages(s): 321-342

Keywords: absorption; admixtures; carbonation; chlorides; concrete durability; dispersions; drying shrinkage; mortars (material); plastics, polymers and resins; strength; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1989

The basic principle of preventing the deterioration of reinforced concrete structures is to inhibit the wet corrosion of reinforcing bars. According to the principle, the effective inhibition of the penetration of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, and chloride ions is required to make highly durable concrete. Mortars are prepared with various contents of chemical admixtures and cement modifiers to meet such requirements, and tested for strength, water absorption, chloride ion penetration, and carbonation. From the test results of the mortars, effective admixtures are selected for concrete mixes. The strength, chloride ion penetration, carbonation, and drying shrinkage of concretes containing the selected admixtures are examined. In conclusion, the simultaneous addition of polymer dispersions and alkyl alkoxy silane at a polymer-cement ratio of 0.5 percent is recommended for the highly durable concrete.