Interaction of Polymer With Calcium Hydroxide and Calcium Trisilicate


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Title: Interaction of Polymer With Calcium Hydroxide and Calcium Trisilicate

Author(s): S. Chandra and P. Flodin

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 119


Appears on pages(s): 263-272

Keywords: calcium hydroxides; calcium silicates; crystallization; dispersions; interactions; plastics, polymers and resins; precipitation (chemistry); Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1989

Certain polymer dispersions interact with calcium hydroxide and form precipitates. The amount thereof increases until a specific limit above which the volume of precipitate becomes constant. This could be illustrated photographically. By x-ray diffraction analysis, it was shown that increasing the amount of polymer gradually decreased the height of the diffraction peaks of calcium hydroxide, and finally only a broad shoulder was observed. In microscopic analysis, no typical distinct crystals of calcium hydroxide could be seen. A mechanism for the influence of the polymer on the crystallization process is proposed.