A method for Predicting Sulfate Durability of Concrete


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Title: A method for Predicting Sulfate Durability of Concrete

Author(s): Carl D. Harmann and Edward Mangotich

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 100


Appears on pages(s): 2135-2152

Keywords: cements; chemical analysis; concrete durability; oxides; deterioration; fly ash; sulfate attack; sulfate resistance; tests; Materials Research

Date: 4/1/1987

A laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the effect of replacement of up to 35 percent by weight of the design cement content in a concrete mix with Class C fly ash on sulfate durability characteristics. Seven trial batches, including a control, one Class F, and five Class C ash mixes, and three types of test specimens were used. The test sulfate environment consisted of immersion in a 10 percent pH regulated sodium sulfate solution for more than two years. Weekly measurements of weight change and expansion were used to evaluate sulfate durability. Analyses of the expansion data suggest a calculated chemical compositional relationship called the oxide durability factor may be useful in predicting sulfate durability.