Drying Shrinkage Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites


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Title: Drying Shrinkage Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites

Author(s): P. Soroushian, M. Nagi, and E. Mustata

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 135


Appears on pages(s): 65-76

Keywords: composite materials; drying shrinkage; fibers; shrinkage; fiber reinforced concretes; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1992

An experimental study was conducted to assess the effect of carbon fiber reinforcement on drying shrinkage strains in cementitious matrixes. Composites with different fiber lengths and volume fractions were considered in this investigation. Results indicated that shorter fibers at relatively low volume fractions tend to reduce drying shrinkage strains. The increase in fiber volume fraction does not necessarily produce further reductions in shrinkage movements, possibly due to the corresponding increase in water requirements for maintaining fresh mix workability. Longer fibers may not be as effective as the shorter ones in reducing shrinkage strains. This observation also can be attributed to the increase in water requirement with increasing fiber length. The large scatter in shrinkage test results makes it difficult to statistically derive reliable conclusions based on the limited test results generated in this investigation.