Oriented Polyethylene Fibrous Pulp Reinforced Cement Composites


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Title: Oriented Polyethylene Fibrous Pulp Reinforced Cement Composites

Author(s): David M. Gale, Ashok H. Shah, and P. Balaguru

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 124


Appears on pages(s): 61-78

Keywords: asbestos; cellulose; cements; composite materials; durability; fibers; flexural strength; impact strength; mortars (material); pulps; polyethylene; portland cements; reinforcing materials; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1990

Researchers have developed a new form of fibrous polyethylene to replace asbestos fibers in asbestos-cement composites. This very fine, short, molecularly oriented polyethylene pulp was tested in cement at various levels of incorporation and in combination with other fibers. Most of the initial investigation was focused on the pure cement matrix normally used for asbestos-cement products; however, this paper includes preliminary work with cast cement-mortar matrixes. The polyethylene pulp can be used effectively for reinforcing cement. Flexural strengths can be increased by more than 200 percent. The pulp induces excellent ductility. Accelerated aging studies indicate that the pulp is durable in alkaline cement matrixes.