Specialty Cellulose Fibers for Cement Reinforcement


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Title: Specialty Cellulose Fibers for Cement Reinforcement

Author(s): Kenneth D. Vinson and James L. Daniel

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 124


Appears on pages(s): 1-18

Keywords: asbestos; cellulose fibers; ductility; fiberboard; fibers; flexural strength; load-deflection curve; performance tests; portland cements; reinforcing materials; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1990

Describes the investigation of a new range of cellulose fibers suited to the reinforcement of a portland cement matrix. This investigation indicated that fibers selectively derived from high-density summerwood are better suited for reinforcement than is the unmodified pulp that contains a large measure of fibers derived from springwood as well as summerwood. Another cellulose fiber material, termed expanded fiber because of its finely fibrillated microstructure, was indicated to have potential as a processing aid. Expanded fiber displayed excellent suspending and retention properties and imparted relatively high uncracked strength to finished composites. Overall, substantial performance differences were observed comparing, tests on wet versus dry specimens and the long-term durability was not evaluated. Despite these limitations, flexural stress/strain performance of the cellulose reinforced composites compared quite well to asbestos and glass fiber reinforced composites. The cellulose composites had substantially more ductility than asbestos cement; in this regard, the load-deflection curve was similar to glass reinforced cement.