Permeability of Selected Concretes


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Title: Permeability of Selected Concretes

Author(s): D. Whiting

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 108


Appears on pages(s): 195-222

Keywords: absorption; chlorides; concretes; moist curing; permeability; porosity; silica fume; tests; voids; water-cement ratio; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1988

Study of permeability was made using six concrete mixtures ranging in water-to-cementitious material (w-c) ratio from 0.26 to 0.75. Concrete specimens were tested for permeability to water and air, permeability to chloride ions (rapid and long-term), volume of permeable voids, and porosity. Results confirm that permeability is a direct function of w-c ratio. The addition of silica fume results in even greater decreases in permeability than would be anticipated based solely on w-c ratio. A period of initial moist curing of at least seven days is essential for achieving low permeability. Results also indicate that rapid test procedures offer a reasonable alternative to more lengthy and complex conventional permeability tests.