Properties of GFRC With Low Alkaline Cement


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Title: Properties of GFRC With Low Alkaline Cement

Author(s): S. Akihama, T. Suenaga, M. Tanaka, and M. Hayashi

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 105


Appears on pages(s): 189-210

Keywords: durability; fatigue (materials); fiber reinforced concretes; flexural strength; freeze-thaw durability; glass fibers; low-alkali cements; tensile strength; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1987

Calcium silicates (C4A3S-CS) slag-type low-alkaline cement (CGC) has recently been developed in Japan, mainly to improve the durability of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). As part of the overall evaluation testing on the performance of GFRC using CGC and AR-glass fiber (New-GFRC), various properties of New-GFRC were tested, such as durability, compressive strength, flexural fatigue, flexural strength using a plank (thick specimen), resistance to freezing and thawing (ASTM C 666), dimensional change under storage in wet and dry conditions, and the adhesive strength between paint and GFRC. As a result of these experiments, it has become clear that New-GFRC excels conventional GFRC in all the properties of durability and both mechanical and physical properties.