Development of Lightweight Durable Fiberglass-Reinforced Concrete (FRC)


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Title: Development of Lightweight Durable Fiberglass-Reinforced Concrete (FRC)

Author(s): Hiro Takada, Ikuo Uchida, and Takayuki Sakurada

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 105


Appears on pages(s): 179-188

Keywords: drying shrinkage; fiber reinforced concretes; fire resistance; flexural strength; foaming agents; freeze-thaw durability; glass fibers; lightweight concretes; low-alkali cements; walls; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1987

By lightening the weight of the building material, the vertical load can be decreased. This minimizes the quantity of material required for earthquake resistance. Furthermore, it increases on-site productivity. The objective of this study is to develop lightweight, durable L-FRC, and to apply it to the exterior walls of buildings. Structural design demands many performance specifications for the exterior walls--specific gravity, panel weight, flexural strength for maximum wind pressure, fireproofing, drying shrinkage, and freeze-thaw durability. The physical properties of L-FRC are produced by calcium-silicate-slag-type low alkaline cement, anti-alkali glass fiber, and a special chemical admixture that includes a superplasticizer, foaming agent, and other additives. The physical characteristics of L-FRC are obtained from laboratory tests, actual-size experiments, and construction work using L-FRC. The main results are: 1) The specific gravity is nearly 1.28, and the unit weight of the panel is 115 kg/mý (1.13 kN/mý) (7 days); 2) The flexural strength of specimens is 12.8 MPa (14 days) and that of full-scale panels is 8.80 MPa (28 days); 3) The compressive strength is 21.6 MPa (14 days); 4) L-FRC is officially recognized as a fireproof material; 5) The rate of drying shrinkage is less than 5 x 10-4 (180 days); 6) The durability factor is more than 90 percent. The physical characteristics of L-FRC were sufficiently greater than the specified standards for these characteristics. Therefore, exterior wall work can be satisfactory and successfully completed in a shorter period.