Properties of Double-Mixed Lean Concrete Subjected to Vibrating Compaction


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Title: Properties of Double-Mixed Lean Concrete Subjected to Vibrating Compaction

Author(s): K. Iida and S. Horigome

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 96


Appears on pages(s): 215-246

Keywords: cohesion; compacting; compression tests; consolidation; density (mass/volume); dynamic modulus of elasticity; fresh concretes; internal friction; mixing; pore water pressure; roller-compacted concrete; vibration; Materials Research

Date: 1/1/1987

The effect of mixing methods on compaction properties is described. A new mixing method presented divides the mixing water into two portions and adds them at different times. The concrete produced by this mixing method is called "SEC concrete" and shows low bleeding and excellent workability. Concrete employed for the experiment was lean concrete whose compactability is most important. Compactability was evaluated by means of angle of internal friction, cohesion, acceleration propagation, density, strength and modulus of elasticity. From the experimental results, the following conclusions were obtained: a) the mixing method of concrete had great effect on the compactability of produced concrete subjected to vibrating compaction; and b) double-mixed concrete showed better compactability than conventional concrete.