Infl uence of the Marble and Granite Benefi cation of Residue (MGBR) as Filler on the Properties of Concrete


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Title: Infl uence of the Marble and Granite Benefi cation of Residue (MGBR) as Filler on the Properties of Concrete

Author(s): J.L.M.P. Lopes, E. Bacarji, E.P. Figueiredo, and J.H.S. Rêgo

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 253


Appears on pages(s): 341-362

Keywords: concrete; granite; marble; mineral addition; residue

Date: 7/31/2008

Brazil generates annually around 190,000 tons of mud from the residue of processing marble and granite (MGBR). This has been causing a serious environmental problem because of a lack of destination for this residue. The objective of this work is the evaluation of the technique viability of the use of the MGBR, generated for three marble shops, of Goiânia city, state of Goiás, in Brazil, as partial substitution for portland cement in the production of concretes. Characterizations have been made to determine the physical, chemical, mineralogical, and the pozzolanic reactivity of the residue. Reference concretes mixtures and concretes mixtures with 5%, 10% and 20% substitution of the MGBR of the cement were produced. w/cm used were between 0.50 and 0.65. The properties of the concretes were determined, including workability, compressive strength, the modulus of elasticity, and absorption by immersion. The results show that the compressive strength of the concrete with the MGBR diminishes with contents of substitution at 10% and 20%. However, with 5% of substitution of the residue, the results of the analysis show that it did not have signifi cant variations in any of the analyzed properties, indicating the viability technique of the substitution of this percentage of residue.