Parameters for Self-Compacting Concrete Mortar Phase


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Title: Parameters for Self-Compacting Concrete Mortar Phase

Author(s): M. Nepomuceno and L. Oliveira

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 253


Appears on pages(s): 323-340

Keywords: compressive strength; fresh properties; mineral fillers; mortar; self-compacting concrete; spread test; v-funnel test

Date: 7/31/2008

This paper reports an experimental study on the mortar phase for selfcompacting concrete. A series of mortars were produced with similar fl ow properties, measured by spread and v-funnel tests, adequate to produce self-compacting concrete. The water content and the modifi ed carboxylic superplasticizer dosage were determined experimentally for each mortar. Different percentages of cement replacement materials were used in binary blends, each one combining one of the two types of cement with one of the three mineral additions selected: limestone powder, granite fi ller, and fl y ash. Each of the binary blends of powders was combined in fi ve different proportions in volume with the fi ne aggregate (Vp/Vs). Mortars were tested for compressive strength at 28 days and this value was related to the water/cement ratio, the percentage of replacement materials, and Vp/Vs parameter. The analysis revealed the possibility of establishing adequate mortar parameters to obtain simultaneously the self-compactability and the required compressive strength of self-compacting concrete.