Durability of Steel Reinforcement in Marine Environment


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Title: Durability of Steel Reinforcement in Marine Environment

Author(s): R. N. Swamy, S. Koyama, T. Arai, and N. Mikami

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 109


Appears on pages(s): 147-162

Keywords: accelerated tests; concrete durability; corrosion resistance; cover; crack width and spacing; epoxy resins; marine atmospheres; field tests; protective coatings; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1988

Presents comprehensive test data on the corrosion resistance of plain, galvanized, and epoxy-coated reinforcing bars exposed to marine environment. The bars were embedded in concrete prisms, precracked to a steel stress of 200 MPa, and then subjected to two exposure regimes in a loaded condition. A natural exposure in a corrosive tidal zone and an accelerated wetting and drying cyclic regime in sea water were chosen for the corrosion tests. In addition, tests were also conducted on bars provided with artificially damaged coatings; further marine exposure tests were also carried out on cracked prisms and damaged coatings in the cracked regions. The test results show that even a 70 mm cover is inadequate to protect uncoated bars from corrosion in marine environment. Galvanized bars exhibited improved performance but did not provide complete protection. Epoxy coated bars are shown to afford long term protection against corrosion even under severe exposure conditions and with damaged coatings.