Durability of Concrete with a Superplasticising Admixture


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Title: Durability of Concrete with a Superplasticising Admixture

Author(s): John M. Dransfield

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 100


Appears on pages(s): 741-764

Keywords: admixtures; carbonation; chlorides; concrete durability; diffusion; freeze-thaw durability; permeability; plasticizers; weathering; Materials Research

Date: 4/1/1987

Results of a wide-ranging study undertaken to examine the effect of a superplasticizing admixture on the durability of normal-workability concretes are reported. The investigation was based on cement-reduced concrete mixes covering a range of 28-day strength from 20 to 65 MPa, with water-reduced concretes included to increase the data base. Corresponding normal concretes were used for comparison. The experimental program covered included measurements of air and water permeability to assess the overall durability potential; the rates of carbonation and chloride ion diffusion to assess the possible risk of steel reinforcement corrosion in concrete; and the deterioration under alternate freezing and thawing and wetting and drying to assess the resistance of concrete to frost attack and weathering. The results showed that, for a given workability and design strength, the use of a superplasticizing admixture can be expected to effect improvement in the durability of concrete.