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Title: AR-Glass and Carbon Fibers in Textile Reinforced Concrete -- Simulation and Design

Author(s): J. Hegger, O. Bruckermann, and S. Voss

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 244


Appears on pages(s): 57-76

Keywords: alkali-resistant glass fibers; bond properties; carbon fibers; design models; textile; textile reinforced concrete

DOI: 10.14359/18752

Date: 5/1/2007

Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) is a composite material taking advantage of the non-corrosiveness of fiber materials such as alkali-resistant glass (AR-glass), carbon or aramid in order to design slender and filigree structural elements. Compared to short cut fibers, a textile reinforcement features a higher effectiveness, because the fiber bundles are arranged in the direction of the main tensile stresses. These properties make TRC a promising construction material opening up new fields of application for concrete. In this paper, the results of experimental investigations and numerical simulations on TRC-components are presented. The load bearing behavior and important properties of TRC are described and the differences between the reinforcement materials AR-glass and carbon are elaborated. These differences are not only due to the different mechanical properties of the two materials but particularly the result of their different bond performance. Design models for the tensile strength and the bending capacity of TRC-components are given which have been derived on basis of the investigations.