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Title: Pull-out Characteristics of a Glass Yarn Embedded in a Cementitious Matrix

Author(s): B. Banholzer and W. Brameshuber

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 244


Appears on pages(s): 17-38

Keywords: bond; concrete; filament; model; pull-out test; simulation; yarn

Date: 5/1/2007

Although the bond of a multi-filament yarn in a cementitious matrix is controlled by the bond properties between filaments and matrix, more detailed information is needed to evaluate the failure mechanisms of such a complex system under a pull-out load and hence allow an analytical and numerical simulation of this composite. In this study innovative test methods are presented and used to identify the debonding process of a yarn as a result of the pull-out process, and ascertain the contact faces between the individual filaments and the matrix. Additionally, numerical procedures are proposed based on these findings and allow to establish a direct relationship between the load history of a pull-out test, and the failure process of an AR-glass yarn, by means of a mathematical function, defined as the active filaments versus displacement relation NF(O). Together with the load versus displacement relationship P(O) derived also during the pull-out test an analytical characterization and simulation of the bond between an AR-glass multi-filament yarn and a cement based matrix will be possible.


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