What Can We Learn From Monitoring Concrete Temperature?


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Title: What Can We Learn From Monitoring Concrete Temperature?

Author(s): P. Taylor and J. Gajda

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 241


Appears on pages(s): 1-12

Keywords: heat of hydration; isothermal calorimetry; maturity; setting time; temperature.

Date: 4/1/2007

There is a growing interest in monitoring the temperature of cement paste, mortar and concrete, particularly at early ages. However, there also seems to be confusion about what is being achieved by this activity, and what to do with the information once it is recorded. This paper outlines the tools and techniques in use, and discusses their applications, benefits and limitations. The discussion will cover concepts such as heat of hydration, maturity, isothermal calorimetry and semi-adiabatic temperature monitoring for assessing setting times, and potential incompatibility between the reactive ingredients (cements, supplementary cementitious materials, and chemical admixtures) in a mixture.