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Title: Experimental Investigation into Strengthening of RC Columns using Composite Mortar Laminates Reinforced with Mesh Reinforcements

Author(s): S.P. Shang, L.M. Jiang, M.X. Zhang, and L.H. Zeng

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 238


Appears on pages(s): 447-464

Keywords: composite mortar laminate; ductility; mesh reinforcement; RC column; strengthening; ultimate capacity

DOI: 10.14359/18287

Date: 10/1/2006

Eleven approximate full-size specimens including nine eccentrically compressed columns of monotonic loading and two axially compressed columns of laterally cyclic loading were tested. By a series of comparison experiment of specimens strengthened using a kind of composite mortar laminates reinforced by mesh reinforcements (CMMR laminates) and no strengthened specimens, it was found that the RC columns strengthened with attached CMMR laminates demonstrated greater degree of improving in load-bearing capacity, in which the carrying capacity increment of the strengthened eccentrically compressed columns with lesser eccentricity was greater than that of the same type of columns with bigger eccentricity under the same strengthening conditions; the strengthening effects of the specimens with lower concrete grade are better than that of those ones with higher concrete grade; the ductility and the deformation capacity and energy dissipation ability of the strengthened columns were remarkably increased. In this paper, the test results is described, the principle and regularity that this category of strengthening laminate improved the ultimate load-bearing capacity, ductility, cracking behavior and mode of failure etc. of the RC columns are analyzed. The studying results proved that this strengthening measure for RC columns is superior to make the strengthening effect notable, working behavior of strengthened column excellent, strengthening construction easy and economical.