Deformation Capacity of RC Members with Brittle Details Under Cyclic Loads


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Title: Deformation Capacity of RC Members with Brittle Details Under Cyclic Loads

Author(s): D.V. Syntzirma and S.J. Pantazopoulou

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 236


Appears on pages(s): 1-22

Keywords: deformation capacity; displacement-based assessment; nonconforming RC members; seismic design of RC

Date: 5/1/2006

The sequence of failure in reinforced concrete (RC) prismatic members is used as a tool in estimating dependable deformation capacity. Response mechanisms that may limit the response leading to damage localization are identified (web diagonal cracking, bar buckling, disintegration of compressive struts due to load reversal, and anchorage failure of primary reinforcement). Deformation components are additive only if stable hysteretic response controlled by flexure prevails. In all other cases, the deformation component associated with the controlling mode of failure dominates the overall deformability of the member. Because the sequence of failure depends to a large extent on load history, deformation attained at any particular level of load is also load history dependent. This is why experimental values for deformation capacity reported in international literature are characterized by excessive scatter. The proposed methodology is applied to a number of published column tests. Analytical estimates are evaluated through comparisons with experimental results and by parameter studies conducted in order to examine the sensitivity of the estimated displacement limit at compression bar buckling to important design variables.