Blended Cements or Concrete Mixer Blends--Which Does the Concrete Producer Prefer?


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Title: Blended Cements or Concrete Mixer Blends--Which Does the Concrete Producer Prefer?

Author(s): Ken Newman

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 1589-1602

Keywords: blast furnace slag; blended cements; blending; concretes; fly ash; mixers; mix proportioning; General

Date: 2/1/1986

This paper examines recent trends in European and British cement and concrete standards, concerning the production and use of blended cements and concrete mixer combinations of cements and additions, such as slag and pulverized fuel ash. The implications of the new categorization of six types of cement, changes in the definition of "cement," and acceptance of equivalence of performance in terms of concrete strength grade, are discussed. The principles being adopted in the UK for the approval of the use of additions in concrete include the adoption of the standard for blended cement as the basis, recognition of the cementitious properties of standardized additions and certification procedures for confirming compliance of concrete mixer blends with the standards of blended cements. Provided these procedures are followed, the answer to the question--blended cements or concrete mixer blends?--lies in a clearer definition of responsibility for their fitness for purpose, the relative costs of using blended cements or concrete mixer blends, and the local market demands.