Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Concrete


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Title: Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Concrete

Author(s): D.R. Lankard

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 57


Appears on pages(s): 241-264

Keywords: fiber reinforced concretes; flexural strength; furnaces; metal fibers; refractory concretes; spalling

Date: 1/1/1978

Steel fibers can be used to provide integral reinforcement in refractory concretes, resulting in significant improvements in service life in some applications. Since 1970, both stainless and carbon steel fibers have been used successfully. . .Until a few years ago the primary applications for steel fiber reinforced refractory concretes have been in steel plants, but recently the material is being successfully applied in process equipment in the aluminum industry, cement and lime manufacturing, petrochemical industry, and various types of foundaries. As the availiabity of these materials increases, it is likely that their use will increase in the proven applications and will expand into areas not yet tapped.