Repairing Monolithic Refractory Failures


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Title: Repairing Monolithic Refractory Failures

Author(s): I. Leon Glassgold

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 74


Appears on pages(s): 141-152

Keywords: failure mechanisms; installing; linings; plastics, polymers, and resins; quality control; refractories; refractory concretes; repairs; shotcrete; tests.

Date: 8/1/1982

The introduction describes the types of materials used in refractory linings, their constituent ingredients and general properties. A brief history is presented with the problems and procedures attendant to the installation and use of various refractory materials. This is followed by an analysis of failure mechanisms with an overview of repair methods, including a description of available hot and cold techniques for the various repair alternatives. The need for careful surface preparation is emphasized, while anchoring and bonding devices are described. Choosing the appropriate repair material is also highlighted. Miscellaneous details covering joints, curing, drying and heatup and their importance in achieving a successful repair are discussed. A detailed description of proper repair procedures, including shotcreting, casting and guncasting, among others, is presented with particular emphasis being placed on the methods available for both plastic and castable requirements. Qua1ity Contro1 of the entire repair procedure and the methods of testing in use at present are assessed.