Principles for the Planning of Building Joints


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Title: Principles for the Planning of Building Joints

Author(s): E. Cziesielski

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 70


Appears on pages(s): 417-437

Keywords: buildings; construction joints; damage; durability; heat transfer; joint sealers; sealing; thermal conductivity.

Date: 1/1/1981

The standards governing construction joint seals are discussed and the demands placed on them described. The present methods of sealing joints to prevent rain penetration are discussed in terms of their advantages and drawbacks. The following joint constructions are described: mastic seals, tape seals, gaskets, open joints and two-stage joints. When a joint of whatever kind is properly constructed, loss of heat by transmission and by air leakage may be neglected. A method is discussed to determine the influence of joints on noise reduction. By filling joints with flexibld asbestos foam a fire resistance time of over 90 minutes can be achieved. Finally, experiences made in West Germany with various types of joint are described: mastic seals have shown a high rate of damage, while two-stage joints have performed well -- no damage reports have come in. Tape seals are expected to show high life-expectancy.