Silicone Sealants for Use in Concrete Construction


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Title: Silicone Sealants for Use in Concrete Construction

Author(s): Sherwood Spells and Jerome M. Klosowski

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 70


Appears on pages(s): 217-235

Keywords: concrete construction; inspection; installing; joint sealers; joints (junctions); mechanical properties; performance; physical properties; silicone resins; structural design.

Date: 1/1/1981

The generic class of silicone sealants include some unique variations that are particularly suited for sealing concrete structures. These are the varieties which have neutral cures, very low modulus and high elongation. There are also types of silicone sealants that should not be used on concrete. Specifically, these are the types which are generally classified as the acid cures. There are special applications like prolonged total submergence on concrete where no silicone should be used without special precautions. There are also joint design considerations which may lead to a choice of one sealant over another. Thus, selecting the appropriate silicone sealant for the application is fundamental to a successful seal and many factors go into that decision. Equally fundamental is the proper installation technique. Cleaning is always required on concrete. The cleaning technique will vary dependent on whether it is new construction or re-seal and most important whether it's raw concrete or if the concrete is coated or contaminated. Other installation considerations include backing materials and tooling techniques. Lastly, a proper installation includes post installation inspection and testing.