Movements of Concrete Facade Panels


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Title: Movements of Concrete Facade Panels

Author(s): P. O. Nylund

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 70


Appears on pages(s): 103-134

Keywords: concrete panels; deformation; joints (junctions); shrinkage; temperature; thermal stresses; walls.

Date: 1/1/1981

Deformation and stresses in joints between facade panels and in the ties that connect the panels to the structure depend on the movements of the panels. To enable calculation of deformation and stresses the unrestrained movements of panels must be known. These movements consist of change of length and of bending condition. There is a long-term movement due to shrinkage that goes on for years. There are annual movements due to variation of relative humidity and temperature. There are also diurnal movements caused by temperature and insolation. The report presents necessary datas for calculation of the different movements and a systematized method of putting than together to a total pattern of movements. It's illustrated by a calculated example. The purpose has been to arrive at a method for manual engineering calculation of deformation and stresses in joints and ties. The thermal movements have been studied more thoroughly than the moisture dependent movements which have not been published before. The work was carried out seven years ago and the author has not followed what has happed in the latest years