Theory and History of Installations and Concepts for Seismic Bearing Design


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Title: Theory and History of Installations and Concepts for Seismic Bearing Design

Author(s): Edward R. Fyfe

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 94


Appears on pages(s): 185-192

Keywords: base isolation; bearings; bridge bearings; energy dissipation; earthquake-resistant structures; plastics, polymers and resins; structural design; Design

Date: 9/1/1986

Conventional structural design is defined as the restraint design model, while base isolation design is defined as isolation with energy dissipation. Four basic isolation and dissipation systems are currently in use: pure elastomeric with limit device, pure elastomeric with visco-elastic material core and limit devices, elastomeric and sliding with friction slide plane, and sliding isolation with separate dissipation devices. A number of applications of each system are now installed, and successful feedback has been obtained from the Law and Justice Building in San Bernardino County in California. Special new concepts such as the displacement-control device and the cable-limiting concept show promise for the future.