The Calculation of Flat Plates by the Elastic Web Method


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Title: The Calculation of Flat Plates by the Elastic Web Method

Author(s): Joseph A. Wise

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 24

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 408-422

Keywords: none

Date: 3/1/1928

Introduction.-The history of the development of methods of solution for stresses and deflections of flat plates has been given in many publications and therefore no general account will be given here. Lagrange's equation. which forms the basis for the attempts at exact solutions, has not yet been solved for the general case, and therefore almost all plate problems have been solved by some method of approximation. Nadai2 and Estenave3 have given one type of solution by the use of series approximations, but these involve complex formulas containing trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, such that the solutions require a great deal of difficult mathematical manipulation for any but the simplest cases of symmetrical uniform loading. Nielsen4 has given approximate solutions by the use of difference equations, his solutions being referred to in Westergaard and Slater's paper. Marcus G has used the method of difference equations, but has simplified the concepts ant1 made the application of the method more accessible to the engineer without extensive mathematical training by presenting the subject in the form in' which this paper will present it.