Concrete Studies at the Bull Run Dam, City of Portland, Oregon


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Title: Concrete Studies at the Bull Run Dam, City of Portland, Oregon

Author(s): T.C. Powers

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 25

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 388-420

Keywords: none

Date: 2/1/1929

The problem of estimating the strength of concrete containing aggregate too large for the test specimen is studied. In addition to the water-cement ratio, two more variables are introduced, (1) the paste content (paste is cement plus water) and, (2) the physical condition of the paste at the time of hardening, i.e., its homogeneity. The latter variable is shown to influence permeability as well as strength. The dependence of the water-cement-ratio-strength relation upon the other two variables is discussed, and conditions are cited under which it does not exist at all. The modulus of elasticity appears to be greatly influenced by the paste content.