Interior Slab-Rectangular Column Connections Under Biaxial Lateral Loadings


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Title: Interior Slab-Rectangular Column Connections Under Biaxial Lateral Loadings

Author(s): Y. Tan and S. Teng

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 232


Appears on pages(s): 147-174

Keywords: ACI Code; biaxial loading; rectangular columns; shearforce; slab-column connections; unbalanced moments

Date: 10/1/2005

Presented in this paper is an experimental program involving the testing offive 3/4 scale, interior slab-rectangular column connections subjected to combinedeffects of gravity and biaxial unbalanced moments. This experiment investigates theeffects of biaxial loading, and use of stud shear reinforcement, on the performance ofthe connections for rectangular columns with aspect ratio of 5. The main parametersstudied are the strength, drift capacity, ductility, and stiffness of the slab-columnconnections. It was found that biaxial unbalanced moments reduce considerably thestrength, ductility, drift capacity, and stiffness of the connection. It was also found thatslab-column connections with rectangular columns having column aspect ratio of fiveand loaded biaxially may not be able to sustain a drift ratio of 1.5% even if gravity shearratio Vg/Vo is kept less than 0.4.