External Prestressing Concrete Columns with Fibrous Composite Belts


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Title: External Prestressing Concrete Columns with Fibrous Composite Belts

Author(s): K.N. Nesheli and K. Meguro

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1631-1646

Keywords: AFRP; CFRP; concrete column; ductility; prestress; seismicretrofit

Date: 10/1/2005

Five square columns were constructed to model shear-deficient columnsand tested under constant axial compression and reversed cyclic lateral load,simultaneously. The retrofitting scheme consisted of wrapping the column along its endparts, i.e. around the plastic hinge area, by use of FRP in the form of three-centimeterwide belts. Both carbon and aramid/epoxy belts were used in this study. Moreover, fortwo of the specimens, the FRP belts were prestressed before applying the lateral loadto the columns, and thereby, the effects of active confinement in addition to passiveconfinement were investigated. The proposed prestressing technique is an innovativemethod and can be applied manually. According to test results, while the originalcolumn exhibited brittle shear failure, all retrofitted columns developed ductile flexuralresponse. Despite the different initial confining pressures, yet the same lateralstiffness of the confining device, the deformation ductility of all retrofitted columns wassimilar.