Bond Performance of Deformed GFRP Rebar with Milled Fibers to Concrete


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Title: Bond Performance of Deformed GFRP Rebar with Milled Fibers to Concrete

Author(s): J. Sim, D.Y. Moon, and H. Oh

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1497-1514

Keywords: bond strength; GFRP rebar; milled fibers; pullout test

Date: 10/1/2005

This paper deals with two main topics. The first topic is the development ofglass fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP) rebar with ribs composed of both epoxy resin andmilled fibers. The milled fibers are used to improve the interaction of the ribs undermechanical, thermal, and environmental loading states. The ribs, which contain milledfibers, are attached to the surface of the core section and molded using a pressmachine. The second topic is the bond performance of the proposed GFRP rebar.Pullout tests were conducted to investigate the effect of the milled fibers on the bondstrength of the proposed GFRP rebar and to evaluate the bearing resistance offered bythe ribs containing the milled fibers. The test results were compared with those ofother commercially available GFRP rebar. The results showed that the GFRP rebar withribs containing milled fibers was more effective at enhancing the bond performance.The tests confirmed that the bond performance of the proposed GFRP rebar wassuperior to that of other commercially available GFRP rebar.