GFRP-Bonded RC Beams under Sustained Loading and Tropical Weathering


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Title: GFRP-Bonded RC Beams under Sustained Loading and Tropical Weathering

Author(s): M.K. Saha and K.H. Tan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1379-1396

Keywords: beams (support); cracking; deflection; fiber-reinforcedpolymer; flexural strength; glass fibers; long-term effects; sustainedloading; weathering

Date: 10/1/2005

A study on glass FRP-bonded RC beams subjected to sustained loadingunder tropical weathering is reported. Beams were observed for long-term deflectionsand cracking due to sustained loading over different periods of time, after which theywere unloaded and subsequently tested to failure. Beams subjected to outdoortropical weathering for six months showed 8% larger deflections and 15% larger crackwidths compared to those kept under ambient laboratory condition. Under acceleratedweathering in a chamber, similar increase in deflections and crack widths wereobserved. Also, after six months of accelerated weathering, the ultimate flexuralstrength was about 17% and 12% less for beams bonded with uni- and bi-directionalglass FRP laminates, respectively, compared to the un-weathered reference beams.The failure mode changed from concrete crushing to FRP rupture with weatheringperiod, indicating the deterioration of FRP laminates. The effect of weathering wasmore detrimental in the presence of sustained loads.