Fire Endurance of Insulated FRP-Strengthened Square Concrete Columns


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Title: Fire Endurance of Insulated FRP-Strengthened Square Concrete Columns

Author(s): V.K.R. Kodur, L.A. Bisby, M.F. Green, and E. Chowdhury

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1253-1268

Keywords: fiber-reinforced polymers; fire endurance; reinforced concrete columns; strengthening

Date: 10/1/2005

Increased use of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) materials for strengtheningof concrete structures has raised concerns regarding the behavior of such FRP systemsin fire. Limited information is currently available on the fire endurance of FRP-strengthened concrete systems. This paper presents results from full-scale fireresistance experiments on two square reinforced concrete (RC) columns. A comparisonis made between the fire performance of a conventional RC column and that of an FRP-strengthened and insulated RC column. Data obtained during the experiments showthat the fire behavior of FRP-wrapped and insulated square concrete columns,protected using an appropriate fire protection system, is as good as that ofunstrengthened RC columns. Factors that significantly influence the fire resistance ofFRP-reinforced concrete columns are discussed. It is demonstrated that satisfactory fireresistance ratings for FRP-wrapped square concrete columns can be obtained throughcareful design and by incorporating appropriate fire protection measures into theoverall structural system.